BLUE LAGOON SWIMMING POOLS LLC is a wholesale distributor of swimming pool 
       supplies and related equipments.   Our core business now entails the provision of a swimming pool 
       water treatment service and where staffs have the technical skills, additional services such as the
       specialized painting of pool linings and pump repairs are also offered.

                The company has a selection of pool equipment and supplies, chemicals, replacement parts  
       and complementary products for the swimming pool industry. The products the Company sells 
       include  maintenance products such as chemicals, swimming pool equipments and pool accessories;
       repair and replacement parts for filters, heaters, pumps and lights and  packaged pool kits for new 
       pool construction and the remodeling of existing pools.
                 Our Company imports and distributes in UAE the specialized swimming pool equipments, 
       accessories and chemicals of the international companies like Hayward IMG (USA), 
       Astral Products (Spain), Thermalec Products (UK),Arch Water Products HTH (France) and 
       Occidental Chemical Corporation (USA) and distributes these goods to a highly fragmented
       customer base.  

                ACL60/ACL90 from Occidental Chemical Corporation, a leader in chemicals offers the 
       customers superior performance, safety, economy and convenience.  ACL 60  is the fastest  
       dissolving solid granular chlorine with less odour and provides sun shield to last longer and 
       eliminates cloudy water or scaling and performs better than the normally used Calcium Hypochlorite 
       whereas the ACL 90 provides the highest chlorine content that any solid or liquid sanitizer at an 
       affordable price. 
                Super Pumps from Hayward IMG is of a large capacity, high technology pumps that blend 
       cost efficient design and high performance engineering with durability, corrosion-proof construction 
       with a whooping 10 year warranty.  ProHayward pool maintenance tools and accessories provide 
       the value and dependability and enable you to realize the maximum benefit for your money.

                We are a highly regarded, qualified, professional group of companies specializing in 
       swimming pool related products and services.
                 Our vast expertise in the aquatics industry extends to the following services:

                           	Commercial Swimming Pool Services 
                           	Residential Pool Services 
                           	Swimming Pool Maintenance 
                           	Minor Repairs &  Renovations 
                           	Fountains - Maintenance and Installation 
                           	Repairs and System Upgrades
                           	Annual Pool Service 
                           	Weekly Pool Maintenance 
                           	New Technology Upgrades 
                               (non-chlorine treatment, automatic controls, high efficiency systems) 

                Our goal is to take pride in our customers, making sure that their needs are satisfied. 
        We at BLUE LAGOON SWIMMING POOLS LLC, work year round looking for quality 
        products and innovative ideas to offer our customers. We know if you own a swimming pool 
        or are thinking about building a pool, you want the best, and that is what we offer our customers.
                It is with this vision that we are proud to serve your needs.

                Visit our showroom at a prime marketing area in Bur Dubai, as we are always fully stocked 
        with any accessories and chemicals your pool may require.



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