Pool Equipment

We supply pool related items such as Circulation Pumps, Filtration Systems, White Goods (Main Drains, Inlets, Vacuum Points, Underwater Lightings – Halogen and LED), Safety Volt Transformers, In line and Offline Chlorinators, Automated Robotic Cleaners, Salt Chlorinators, Prozone Systems, Stainless Steel Ladders, Pool Tiles and lots more to cater to customer requirements.

Pool Chemicals

We supply variety of swimming pool chemicals such as Chlorine Granules, TCCA Tablets, Ph Plus/ Minus, Aluminum Sulphate, Anti Algaecide and Fast acting clarifiers to help you treat and disinfect your pool.

blue Lagoon

About Us

Blue Lagoon Swimming Pools LLC takes pride in providing the customers in the high desert with the best quality products and service they require anytime. We carry the full line of all Swimming pool equipments, Accessories, Swimming pool tiles & Swimming pool chemicals, swimming pool maintenance and also have over eleven years of experience in pool and spa installations. We are the wholesalers of the swimming pool equipments, accessories, chemicals, tiles from the world renowned leaders & pioneers in the industry.

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blue Lagoon


Business Development Director

The comprehensive assortment of swimming pool products we offer to our clients is guaranteed in offering best quality and attaining customer satisfaction. We also offer an abundance of professional advise related to pool parts and pool supplies to help you find the exact answers to all of your pool related questions.We provide competitive rates on sale of Accessories and Chemicals(ACL-60,ACL-90) from world renowned leaders such as: Hayward(USA), Coates(USA), Kripsol(Spain), Astral(Spain),Oxychem, Certikin


Our friendly staff also offers pool maintenance services from regular pool cleaning, to complete pool restoration, equipment repairs, pool repairs , electromechanical works concerned with installation of new pool equipments (Filters, Pumps, Dosing Systems, Ozonation Systems, Heaters, Heater Chillers)